Why do I believe?

One person’s craziness is another person’s reality. Tim Burton

I enjoy conspiracy theories and ideas that seem totally out there. I like to think about how someone could come to a completely different conclusion than I do. I see a meteorite in Russia on the news and someone else sees an alien invasion. Some people believe those posts from the Onion.

Why do we humans think differently? Are there ten points of view?

An article about the allure of the mystery behind the disapearance of Flight MH370, says  that people who tend to believe conspiracy theories are more likely to buy into a theory that the researchers just made up, and will even entertain logically inconsistent theories.

John S. Wilkins, writes: The development of beliefs is not merely a metaphor: it is a literal developmental process. in his fascinating blog post, Why do believers believe silly things? The function of denialism.