Buy me a river

I read The Big Thirst by Charles Fishman, recently. One of the topics he covers in detail, is how drought impacts the overallocation of many of the world’s rivers.  Even if I could afford to buy a river, chances are, the river of my desire is already sold out or drying out, or both.

A sampling of rivers mentioned in the book.

Murray River in South Australia.

In the water years 2008-2009, the Murray River received only 1,860 gigaliters of water inflow total. The farmers alone take 7,000 gigaliters. (pg. 196)

The Colorado River in the US

Lake Mead in mid 2010 is 125 feet lower than it was ten years earlier… (pg. 55)

The Chattahoochie River in the US

The states of Georgia, Florida and Alabama have their own modern version of water wars during drought years.

The Tigris and Euphrates, shared by Turkey and Iraq

Shatt al Arab River, Iraq

No longer holds back the Persian Gulf, so that salt water is now flushed 100 miles inland. (pg. 281)